Tips for reducing swelling:

Tips for reducing swelling: 


Drinking plenty of water to maintain maximum health and keep your body operating at a high level. This fact is especially true during recovery from surgery. Maintaining proper hydration levels will allow the body to heal properly and help abate any bruising or swelling after surgery.

Eat Right

Maintain a healthy diet that reduces sodium in your intake. Salt is not good for managing swelling and should be avoided during your recovery. Greens, eggs, and yogurt are excellent sources of vitamin K, which is a great component to reduce swelling. Vitamins E, C and & D are good supplements to take during recovery. Again check with your doctor before starting any new supplements or diets. 

Wear compression garments

As part of your postoperative routine, you will be required to wear medical compression garments, specifically to reduce swelling and promote proper, efficient healing. It is critical that you wear your compression garments as directed, which may be 24/7 for several weeks.

Try our favorite anti-inflammatory tea: 

Pineapple, cinnamon and ginger tea ( Our fav) 

You must peel the pineapple to obtain the peel, then you must fill a pot with two liters of water where you must add the crushed and previously washed ginger along with 4 cinnamon sticks and finally the pineapple peel.

Note: Bring it to a boil and cook over medium high heat for 20 minutes. After this, let it rest overnight.

How to keep it:

You should keep the tea in the refrigerator, and heat it every time you go to drink it. It is recommended that you take it 2 times a day (fasting and before sleeping) for 7 days, then you must rest for 7 days and continue in this way until you observe changes in your weight.