Different stages of post Op and garments

Day 0 - 14 

Day 0 to 14,  You will be swollen, sensitive, possibly in pain from your surgery, and most likely bloated. During this period, you will need mild compression and be using a Compression Garment that is one size bigger than what you were wearing before surgery. Stage one garments are worn during the first 1-14 days following your procedure. The Stage 1 faja is a low compression garment meant to fit loosely and should be worn during the day. Their sole purpose is to support the body after the trauma of surgery, so only provide light to medium compression. 

Tummy Tuck/MMO patients will wear a binder for 0-3 weeks before switching to a Stage 2 garment, and this is needed to protect your incisions. 


Weeks 2-6 

During this time, your body has already changed, and you will need higher compression. Swelling will still occur, and compression is necessary. You can use the same garment as stage one, however one size down to obtain higher compression during this time. Stage two garments are high compression garments meant to fit tightly and support the required surgical site. Stage two garments are intended to reduce swelling and contour the body. It is worn immediately after stage one for a period between 6-12 months. 

Weeks 7-12

By this time, you should have healed, be up to 90% free of swelling, which will allow you to go for tighter and firmer compression to continue to shape and define your silhouette. You may be ready for a different garment style in a smaller size for firm compression during this time. Please be aware everyone is different. If you have not met this milestone, it's ok, be gentle with yourself. 

Always remember, you have invested in yourself. After-care is an integral part of this new journey. Post-op is a process, and it's essential to treat yourself very gently, let yourself get pampered, take your vitamins, supplements and use proper compression.  

Note: when selecting a faja garment, use the sizing charts. The most effective is using your hip measurements as a guide since that is usually the largest area of the body and where the faja garments need to go over. Once the garment is on, you are able to use foam and boards to add compression. 

If you are a size 6-10 before surgery, you should order 1 size larger for the first 2 months of post op. After post op then you will need to order compression 1 to 2 sizes down depending on our measurements. 

 Free to contact us at help@lilyanaava.com if you need assistance.