Shapewear Wash and Care

  • You should wash shapewear items reasonably regularly to maintain their shapes. If you continuously wear without washing, the material may remain stretched out. It won’t provide you with the same initial results. Aim to launder each piece after wearing it one to three times.


  • Gently soak in cool or warm water to loosen any stubborn dirt or stains. Be sure to give attention to any stains beforehand, rubbing them lightly with soap and your fingers. Do not scrub too hard. Always wash your delicate items gently using a mild laundry detergent. Do not use bleach, chlorine, or fabric softeners.


  • Please do not use hot water or put them in a hot dryer.
    • Hand wash Only 
    • Do not Iron 
    • Do not soak
    • Do not tumble dry 
    • Do no Bleach